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United Nations, New York

Permanent Mission of Finland to the UN
866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 222,
New York, N.Y. 10017, U.S.A
Tel. +1-212-355 2100,
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Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations

Ambassador's Office

Kai Sauer, Ambassador
Jouni Laaksonen, Ambassador
  • Deputy Permanent Representative (DPR)
Niina Nyrhinen, First Secretary
  • UN Legal Affairs, Sanctions and Counter-Terrorism, Law of the Sea, Sixth Committee
Elina Lemmetty-Hartoneva, First Secretary
  • UN Budgetary and Administrative Affairs, Media Contact Person, UN Recruiting
Sisko Honkavaara
  • Assistant 

Pauliina Pouttu 
  • Assistant 

Unit for Peace and Security

Kaisa-Reetta Karhu, Minister Counsellor
  • Head of Unit 
Anna Salovaara, Counsellor
  • Asia, Peacekeeping, Women, Peace and Security, Children in Armed Conflict, Protection of Civilians
 Pilvi Taipale, First Secretary
  • Africa, Humanitarian Affairs

Marko Mäntylä, First Secretary
  • Middle East, Latin America, Arms Control, Disarmament
Elisa Leikkainen
  • Assistant 

Unit for Development and Human Rights 

Pasi Pöysäri, Minister Counsellor 
  • Head of Unit 
Petra Yliportimo, First Secretary
  • Second Committee, UN Funds and Programmes
Emilia van Veen, First Secretary
  • Second Committee, Sustainable Development

Helena Vuokko, First Secretary
  • Third Committee, Human Rights
Sole Abrahamsen, Attaché
  • Election Officer, ECOSOC, Second Committee
 Verna Adkins, Attaché
  • Third Committee, Gender Equality, Social Development
Anniina Vanhatupa
  • Assistant 

Office of the Military Adviser

Matti Lampinen, Colonel, Counsellor
  • Military Adviser, Finnish Peacekeeping Participation, Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations

Raili Auraranta
  • Assistant

Administrative Services

Leena Ikäheimo, Second Secretary
  •   Head of Administrative

Susanna Jacquelin, Administrative Officer
  • Information Management 

Marjut Partanen, Administrative Officer
  • Information Management

Mikke Kinnari, Administrative Officer
  • Information Technology 

Erkki Ojansivu
  • Property Management Officer

Jaakko Minkkinen
  • Administrative Officer 

Ruben Reyes
  • Chauffeur

Cedric Tan-Tiongco
  • Chauffeur


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