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Finland increases police participation in UN peacekeeping missions

Lentokoneet ja helikopterit ovat MINUSMA -rauhanturvaoperaation tärkeimpiä työkaluja, ja siten kohteita terrorismille.Annina Barbosa, First Secretary working on peacekeeping issues at Finland’s Mission to the UN, recently traveled to Mali and Liberia to get a firsthand look at UN peacekeeping on the ground. On the plane to Gao she met with three Finnish police officers who were on their way to be stationed there – to the peacekeeping operation often described as one of the most dangerous in UN history. More...

In 60 years of UN peacekeeping Finland has shown its value

Matti LampinenFinland’s 60 years in UN peacekeeping operations is celebrated on Thursday 8th of December in Lahti. Military Adviser Matti Lampinen from Finland’s UN Mission answers questions on history of Finland’s participation in peacekeeping, an a little of the future too. More...

Towards a safer world through controlling arms trade

Klaus KorhonenMore than half a million people lose their lives because of armed violence every year. The number of victims and other negative consequences can be reduced by regulating international arms transfers and preventing illicit arms trade. These are the goals of the international Arms Trade Treaty, which Finland acts as the President of. More...

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