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Press Releases, 12/5/2012 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

OECD ministerial meeting outlined measures for eliminating global poverty

Press Release 291/2012
5 December, 2012

The development and finance ministers of OECD member countries and emerging economies outlined future measures for reducing global poverty and inequality at the High Level Meeting that ended today in London. Ministers stressed the importance of eliminating extreme poverty within a generation. Minister for International Development HeidiHautala received strong support at the meeting when she pointed out that the most important are grassroots level results – that is, change in the lives of poor people in developing countries.

The meeting adopted a declaration of commitment to efforts aiming to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. Thereafter the Post-2015 Agenda should be built upon the existing MDGs. Human rights, democratic institutions, the quality of life measured in terms of indicators broader than the national income, as well as the integration of sustainable development objectives in the new objectives must be set as the points of departure.

Essential elements with regard to success are the effectiveness of development cooperation, the improvement of coordination and innovative means and resources for development cooperation.

The number of people living in extreme poverty has successfully been cut in half during 20 years, and the national income has risen worldwide. At the same time, social inequality has increased both between and within countries. One billion people still live on less than two US dollars a day; most of them are malnourished. Over billion people lack electricity and one billion people do not have clean drinking water. Responding to the challenges in a sustainable manner requires additional efforts in order to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The High Level Meeting of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) was attended by ministers of OECD member countries, the key emerging economies – China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Russia – as well as international development finance institutions, the EU Commission and UN representatives.

Link to the OECD DAC High Level Meeting website:

Additional information about the meeting: Counsellor Hanna Rinkineva, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, mobile tel. +358 40 578 5062

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