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News, 6/30/2011

Finnish Midsummer atmosphere took over New York

It was a phenomenal night for Finland as the annual Midsummer Party in New York flourished with a laid-back international atmosphere beyond the greatest of expectations.

JuhannusjuhlatRitva Jolkkonen, Irmeli Viinanen, Ban Ki-moon, Madam Yoo (Ban) Soontaek and Jarmo Viinanen











The party, held by Finland’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations and the Consulate General, gathered hundreds of influential guests from around the globe at the Boathouse located in New York’s Central Park. Among participants were top-level decision makers from the UN: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, President of the General Assembly Joseph Deiss and the U.S. Permanent Representative Susan Rice.

Jarmo ViinanenIrmeli Viinanen, Jarmo Viinanen, Susan Rice and Ian Cameron









Permanent Representative of Finland Jarmo Viinanen stated that the Midsummer Party is a great way to increase the positive image of Finland in New York and globally.

“This event has proved that in addition to making good initiatives and taking actively part in global decision-making, we also know how to build a memorable night,” Viinanen said.

Viinanen hopes that the Midsummer event can be expanded and continued for years to come.

JuhannusjuhlatThe party featured Finnish decorations with birch branches.











The party was held for the first time last year, introducing the informal feel without speeches or a dress code. Finland’s Consul General Ritva Jolkkonen noted that many guests were already referring to the party as a tradition. This meant that even rain – déjà vu from the previous year – didn’t have a chance to prevent people from joining.

”We have an exciting combination of people from all around the world discussing and enjoying their time on the dance floor. This is also a fantastic opportunity to present many things that are essential to Finnish summer,” Jolkkonen said.

The Boathouse, enchantingly surrounded by a lake and trees, was once again a perfect setting for the event by offering an easy escape to nature in the heart of the city. The party itself featured Finnish decorations with birch branches, rye bread and squeaky cheese with cloudberries, among other cuisine attractions. Entertainment was provided simply but efficiently by an a cappella quartet and a late-night, floor-filling DJ-set.

Jarmo ViinanenJarmo Viinanen and Joseph Deiss









As the party ended at the stroke of midnight, one could have only left hoping for a flaming bonfire. That’s something the organizers cannot promise just yet, but one thing is said for sure: the next party will be even better.

The Midsummer Party at the Boathouse was held by the generous support of the Finnish companies Cargotec, Marimekko, Nokia, Vaisala and Wärtsilä.

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