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Vuosituhannen kehitystavoitteita käsittelevä korkean tason kokous: Kestävän kehityksen edistämisen pyöreän pöydän keskustelu: ulkomaankauppa- ja kehitysministerin Paavo Väyrysen puhe New Yorkissa 21.9.2010 - Suomen pysyvä edustusto, YK : Ajankohtaista

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Puheet, 21.9.2010

Vuosituhannen kehitystavoitteita käsittelevä korkean tason kokous: Kestävän kehityksen edistämisen pyöreän pöydän keskustelu: ulkomaankauppa- ja kehitysministerin Paavo Väyrysen puhe New Yorkissa 21.9.2010

Distinguished co-chairs, Dear Colleagues, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

I had very high expectations for this roundtable discussion. That is why I was deeply disappointed when reading the background document prepared for this meeting. The approach is simply too narrow.

This roundtable is part of the MDG Summit. The MDG´s have been, and still are, crucially important in our efforts to eradicate poverty. But there has been a fundamental weakness in them: they do not include the principles of sustainable development.

The environmental sustainability is there, as MDG 7, but it has been understood in a narrow way – just as in our background documentation. But economic and social sustainability are missing. For this reason we have been ineffective in poverty reduction.

We have been able to increase our ODA funding, but we have concentrated ourselves on direct poverty reduction through the public sector and neglected the development of infrastructure and the productive private sectors. Still, through experience we know that poverty reduction has been most effective in open economies with sustainable, inclusive economic growth.

Through the public sector we have tried to improve the social well-being in the partner countries by supporting especially education and health care. That has been valuable, but at the same time we have neglected the foundation of social sustainability, good governance, rule of law, human rights and democracy, which are essential for all development.    

We have to understand that poverty reduction can be effective – it can bring fast and lasting results – only if we follow the principles of sustainable development.

I am afraid that we have missed the possibility of re-establishing the links between poverty reduction and sustainable development at this Summit. So, we have to look forward to the Rio+20 Summit in 2012.

The UN Secretariat has already started the preparations and the Secretary General has invited a group of high level experts under the leadership of President Tarja Halonen and President Jacob Zuma to inspire and contribute to the preparations.

I have a few requests for the preparations.

- The links between environment and development must be re-established.
- There must be a wide view on the environment - climate change policies must be seen as a part of ecologically sustainable development.
- Eradication of poverty must be the overwhelming goal of the Summit; economic and social sustainability must be seen as necessary preconditions for effective poverty reduction.
- All development in the world must be addressed; ecologically sustainable patterns of production and consumption must be developed for both industrial and developing countries.  

Madame Chair,

What I ask for is not anything new. What I want is the re-establishment of the comprehensive view on environment and development we had 18 years ago in Rio. What I want is effective implementation of the principles of sustainable development created in Rio and endorsed by several UN Summits since then.  


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