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Haitin jälleenrakennuskonferenssi: alivaltiosihteerin Ritva Koukku-Ronden puhe New Yorkissa 31.3.2010 - Suomen pysyvä edustusto, YK : Ajankohtaista

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Puheet, 7.4.2010

Haitin jälleenrakennuskonferenssi: alivaltiosihteerin Ritva Koukku-Ronden puhe New Yorkissa 31.3.2010

Mr. Secretary-General, H.E. the President of Haiti, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Finland would like to thank the United Nations and other contributors to this Conference for the opportunity to discuss the situation in Haiti and express our pledges of support. My delegation associates itself with the statement made by the High Representative of the European Union.

The tragedy in Haiti has provoked strong feelings of sympathy in my country. The Finnish Government has allocated 5.4 million euros of humanitarian assistance to Haiti. On top of that, the Finnish people have donated over 6 million euros to the Finnish NGOs which are now active in Haiti.
As a further expression of our solidarity, I am honoured to announce today that Finland will contribute 2.5 million euros per year from 2010 to 2013 to the reconstruction process in Haiti. In addition, Finland will participate in Haiti’s debt relief with a sum of 2.7 million euros, i.e. 2 million euros through IDA and 0.7 million euros through the Inter-American Development Bank, decisions which are about to be finalized. The total support will consequently rise to 12.7 million euros or approximately 17.1 million USD. This pledge is new funding, additional to what Finland contributes as a member of the European Union and through multilateral channels like the UN system and the development banks, and represents a significant share of Finnish ODA.

We are pleased to note that the Government of Haiti’s vision, as expressed in its Action Plan, is based on the principles of sustainable development in its all three dimensions, economic, social and ecological. In doing so, Haiti’s ambition is nothing less than “the refounding” of the nation.

We agree to the double objective of a better country: On one hand, with infrastructure solid and safe enough against future threats by the forces of nature. On the other, of a state which is an expression of improved administration and of decentralization. This should provide good governance to the whole country, including rule of law and respect for human rights. We strongly endorse the objectives regarding education, an enabling environment for the private sector, the administration of land ownership, and the special emphasis on youth and gender.

Furthermore, Finland would like to emphasize the importance of better agricultural methods leading to improved food security as well as of renewable energy and sustainable forest management including reforestation.

The support of the international community will be massive. For the same reason, it will be challenging. First, it calls for clear ownership by the Government and people of Haiti, since only Haiti itself can achieve lasting results. Second, the process requires thorough coordination. All stakeholders must engage in a division of labour. It must be clear who are doing what and where, on the basis of each one’s comparative advantage and added value. We believe such division of labour should also be geographic, so as to simplify the joint efforts in each region of Haiti. Thirdly, the collective rebuilding effort must be transparent and well managed. In this context, a huge responsibility falls on the new joint bodies, in the first place the Interim Haiti Executive Commission and the multi-donor trust fund.

To conclude: Let us not only be generous with our friends in Haiti. Let us also be well organized partners so that the Government and people of Haiti can embark on an efficient and sustainable path of development.


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