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YK:n keskitetyn hätäapurahaston CERF:n kokous: pysyvän edustajan, suurlähettiläs Jarmo Viinasen puhe New Yorkissa 9.12.2009 - Suomen pysyvä edustusto, YK : Ajankohtaista

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Puheet, 11.12.2009

YK:n keskitetyn hätäapurahaston CERF:n kokous: pysyvän edustajan, suurlähettiläs Jarmo Viinasen puhe New Yorkissa 9.12.2009

Mr. Secretary-General, Mr. President, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Support to OCHA in consolidating the humanitarian reform throughout the UN system continues to be a key objective for Finland. In this connection CERF plays a vital role. As we know, adequate, predictable, timely and yet flexible funding for humanitarian aid is a key element of the reform.

CERF has proven to be an efficient tool indeed. It has attracted contributions from a remarkably large number of governments and civil society actors, which Finland welcomes. The Fund has thus become a major source of funding for the UN agencies in their work assisting the millions of victims of natural disasters and complex humanitarian crises all over the world.

Consequently, CERF also allows the UN to respond immediately to humanitarian needs, thus being an even more relevant provider of humanitarian assistance. This is a great improvement from time, when no funds were available to the Secretary-General.  In addition, CERF-support has made the Humanitarian Coordinators and the UN country teams more reliable partners to governments confronted by sudden disasters. 

Finland’s engagement with OCHA is strong and consistent. We have supported OCHA and the CERF since the early days in order to strengthen the UN system’s humanitarian response capacity. NGOs play an important role in this respect. An effective partnership between the UN agencies and NGOs is of crucial importance especially in the context of rapid response. While NGOs cannot have direct access to the CERF, it is vital to ensure that funds are disbursed from the UN agencies to their NGO- partners without delay.

Finland welcomes the efforts to establish an appropriate reporting and accountability mechanism for CERF. This would ensure that the funds are used in the most efficient, effective and transparent way. At the same time all agencies receiving funds from the CERF must be accountable to use the funds in a result oriented way.

Despite the global financial crisis, Finland will keep her funding commitments in line with the principles of good humanitarian donorship. Therefore, we will continue our financial support to CERF also in 2010 at the current level of 6 million Euros (approximately 9 million USD), subject to parliamentary approval. Finland is also pleased to announce an additional contribution of one million Euros to support OCHA field offices in carrying out their activities over the end of the year, making our total contribution this year to 10 million Euros.

Thank you Mr. President.


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