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Speeches, 10/11/2016

Mr. President, Secretary-General, Co-Chairs,
Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you, Mr. President, for your initiative and for your strong vision.

We are witnessing a historic rise in global displacement. Resolving conflicts through political means and mediation is the only lasting solution. We must also tackle the underlying causes: instability, conflict and environmental problems, including climate change.

We need to provide durable solutions and create dignified circumstances for refugees. And we need to share this responsibility. I want to highlight some actions that Finland considers best practice and that we are committed to carrying out. We pay particular attention to the rights of women and girls as well as the disabled. We seek a positive impact through innovative approaches in the field of private sector and NGO co-operation. At the same time we must decisively root out racism.

Finland has resettled refugees since 1979. We highly value the cooperation with UNHCR. It allows us to focus on persons most in need of international protection.

Resettlement is a safe way to provide international protection. It prevents possibilities to exploit refugees. We strongly encourage more countries to come on board, to develop and implement resettlement programmes.

In addition to resettlement, this year we expect to grant several thousand residence permits to refugees based on asylum applications and family reunifications. One should note that during the ongoing refugee crisis Finland has received the fifth largest amount of asylum seekers per capita in Europe.

We are also doing our part to alleviate the crisis in the Mediterranean. We are supporting rescue operations and implementing the EU Emergency Relocation Mechanism.

Our international support for refugees this year is over 194 million dollars.

Mr. President, I would like to end by giving recognition to all those who endure displacement. Our hearts go out to them. I also want to pay tribute to those who are working to help the people in need. I join your call for all of us to do more, and to stand with refugees.

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