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News, 10/15/2012

Finland has met all financial obligations to the UN

Finland is again one of the countries that have met all of  their financial obligations to the UN in full and on time. The statement by Under-Secretary-General of Management of 11 October 2012 Improving the financial situation of the United Nations states that the only way to ensure a more stable financial base for the work of the UN is for all Member States to meet their financial obligations.

Photo: UNKeeping peace. Photo: UN

Finland is also one of the 31 countries which have paid their peacekeeping assessments. This includes Finland’s obligations for troop and equipment payments. Finland has supplied troops for peacekeeping missions.

Finland’s share of the assessments for the international tribunals was also paid in full. The Secretary-General paid special tribute to Finland as one of the 31 Member States which had paid in full all assessments for the regular budget, the international tribunals, the peacekeeping operations, and the capital master plan, as of 11 October 2012.

Despite the current global economic situation, the UN has improved its financial situation somewhat. This is partly because the number of countries who pay their share has increased. However, unpaid assessed contributions remain highly concentrated among a few member states. This means that the final outcome for 2012 will depend on the payments that those Member States make. Finland and the other countries who have already paid in full have set a good example, which the Report urges the other Member States to follow.

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Updated 10/18/2012

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