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News, 5/8/2012

Towards a global goal on water – encompassing all dimensions of sustainable development

A side event organized at the Mission of Finland during the informal negotiations for Rio+20 was popular and brought together over 80 participants in the midst of a hectic negotiation day. Full meeting room was focused on Danish Minister for the Environment while she presented her views on the elements for a global goal on water. Minister Auken underlined the need for concrete outcome of Rio+20 conference. Agreeing on the elements for a global goal on water would be something to strive for. Such a goal should encompass all the elements of sustainable development: social, economic, and environmental.

Rio+20 Side Event

Paula Caballero from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Columbia supported Minister Auken, but was more cautious on what exactly could be decided upon in Rio de Janeiro in June. In the lively discussion, different views were expressed on what could be the elements of a water goal. The event offered an opportunity to openly discuss the concrete content of such a goal. A global goal on water can receive its form as a commitment expressed by the participants in Rio+20 or as a sustainable development goal. UN Millennium Development Goals still require our attention and further work, as was pointed out in the side event.

Rio+20 Side Event

Read the summary of the event pdfhere.

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